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all iahve ate today is a bowl of cereal at 11.30 this morning

it was special k red berrys with a mix of corn flakes thro it too.

i am sooo hungry now

i have just tryed to drink plenty water so i dont wana eat but i find myself starving now

but thats what its all about yea??

i duno how to talk on thi.. i duno how to see what ppl are sayin soo please leave me sum tips and add me realy.

i will be on tomorow!!

pray i dont eat!!

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i really dont know how to use thi

i duon how to see what people are sayin to me... i can only see it through the notification email they send... help please!!!

Current Mood: confused confused

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hey... i bet u can tell in new here,

i have no idea how this works so excuse the lack of knowledge.

i dont know what to say in my first comment but i guess il just tell you all why i am here.

i want to talk to people that feel the same as me.

so maybe i can get help too. i want to be thin... simple really.

il chat more next time
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